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Your Shopping Basket is Over Flowing: The Rise of Ecommerce

When I was at university, every time I found myself in Tesco on a Saturday afternoon, I couldn't help thinking that my time could be better spent elsewhere. Enter the grand invention of internet shopping. The delivery man used to arrive at an agreed time each week (at one of the infrequent moments when I wasn't at uni/at the beach/down the pub) and drop off an array of the supermarket's finest (value) fare. I'd then head to the kitchen to unpack, happy in the knowledge that spaghetti hoops were back on the menu for that evening.

Unbeknown to myself I was actually playing a very small part in the ever growing phenomenon of ecommerce. The term has come to define any kind of business or transaction which is made through the web. Internet shopping is just one example of many.

Internet banking is another big player kamagra gel in the … [Read More]

Once upon a timeline….

Apparently more people in the world have Facebook than they do kettles. I don’t know whether this is true or not but I want to believe it. I have a kettle and I have Facebook – this must mean that I’m a fully fledged member of the twenty-first century. Admittedly I couldn’t live without either. Well, perhaps that’s not quite true. Given the choice I’d keep the kettle – I wouldn’t be able to face the world, let alone Facebook without a cup of tea at 8am.

Whether you resisted or embraced the change, everyone of Facebook’s 900 million users has now been moved over to the new timeline format. I’m getting used to it. I think it’s rather good actually. People moan – they always do when Facebook alters/is temporarily unavailable. Perhaps Facebook deprivation is a greater torture than tea/coffee deprivation?

Timeline does offer the user a greater control … [Read More]

Coming to a small screen near you…

It is rare that I will use a desktop computer to browse the internet these days. My phone is just a more convenient option. I don’t have to waste time turning it on, and I don’t usually have to move to retrieve it, lazy as it sounds. Me and the few million smartphone users out there have the internet, quite literally at our finger tips. With more and more people using their phones to casually browse the web, companies are adapting their existing sites for the smaller (more lucrative) screen.

What are the benefits of mobile-friendly websites?

Improved user experience – websites adapted for mobile phone screens are much easier to navigate. Simple as!

Faster download time – mobile sites are compiled for mobile download speeds. Less time waiting, more time browsing.

Specialist mobile content – mobile sites can connect users to specific features, this web such as location maps … [Read More]


How's your tweet-appeal? These days, a company's Twitter account needs to pack a punch.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. I have been using my personal account for about 8 months now. I do use it mainly to post bitesize snippets about my day (if anyone is interested!) but I have also used its magic networking properties to search for jobs and internships online. I have, on occasion been successful, in that Twitter has provided me with a link or a 'heads up' which ordinarily would have fallen under my radar. Whether you're using your personal account or your company's, taking time to consider the people you want to follow will really optimise your Twitter network.

There are a few specific pointers to consider when tweeting for a company or a business. The basics are a good place to begin:
1. Do your employees all understand the essence of Twitter?… [Read More]

How to make my exhibition stand, stand out

We are well into the swing of exhibition season now where most people have to spend an inordinate amount of money to obtain a small plot in what is normally an over crowded hall full of other companies with a similar product offer to your own. You could quite easily spend the duration of the show watching the mass of college students pass your stand wondering “why did I decide to do this”. We have just assisted 3 of our clients whilst they prepare for a big show in the construction industry called “Ecobuild”. You may have a bespoke stand with interactive touch screens or just a roller banner and a few flyers but either way, there are few simple things you should consider in order to make sure that your exhibition experience is an enjoyable one.

Design your stand as one piece of artwork rather than a series of… [Read More]