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Technology: Have We Gone Too Far?

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology. Everywhere you look there are computers, phones, TVs and machines. Believe it or not though, we used to be able to manage without these everyday necessities and not that long ago either. If you sit in a waiting room now without staring at your phone, or don’t buy half your Christmas presents from Amazon, you’re considered strange. But why has the world come to this? What was wrong with having a conversation with someone, or actually going to the shops to buy something?

I believe the answer is laziness. It’s a million times easier to press a few buttons than to deal with the hassle of trying to find the particular brand of sausages you simply must have that Tesco have inconveniently moved from where they were last week. And queues. I can think of a million and 1 better things to … [Read More]

Are students being misled in the computer science curriculum?

Since the launch of the internet in the early mid-1980s, web development and design have become a fundamental aspect of many company websites which have increased in popularity with a general trend in the advancement of computer science and technology. We should also take into consideration that more than 2 billion people use the internet, with 70% of users using it every day. However, schools and the government are unsupportive of the development in technology leaving children unaware of the impact that it has on society.

This includes the government miss-selling the computing curriculum which emphasises programming rather than computer science in general; which leaves web development and design unimplemented in children’s education. This is part of the government’s plan to produce the next generation of computer programmers although teachers alone do not fully understand what the curriculum entails.

In a world that revolutionised the idea of computer science and … [Read More]

3D Printing, The Next Revolution

A video from the BBC about 3d printing hitting the highstreet, click to watch

You may think that 3D printing is a relatively new idea, but it was originally invented in 1984 by Chuck Hull. He founded 3D Systems Corporation in California and quickly became the only producer of 3D printing. Hull’s version of 3D printing is a little different to what it is today, as he used thin layers of ultraviolet curable material on top of one another. Initially it was used for commercial rapid prototyping, saving companies time and money for prototypes of their products.

3D printers today are different to traditional printing (such as machining techniques) which rely on removal of materials rather than building materials up. The name of the process used is called Additive Manufacturing, this means successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes on top of one another.

Since the beginning … [Read More]

Social Media platforms, a one sided conversation?

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When you wake up in the morning and leap out of bed as we all do, why are your first words of the day almost always ” good morning”? Is it really an exceptionally ‘good’ morning most of the time or is this turn of phrase more useful as a way to generally be friendly ?  To be approachable to the people that you care about ? To engage these indivuals and furthermore to create a platform from which you can see how they are, what they are up to and what their plans are.

On a personal level this is seen as the norm but what most people want to know is how can a business go about engaging with its clients in a similar way, especially on a much larger scale. A 9 o’clock phone call to all business partners with an … [Read More]

Email Marketing – It is not what you say, it is the way that you say it…

The first task of this morning for me is to check hotmail. Twelve new emails, half of which are from people trying to sell me things. There’s 75% off here, free delivery there, SUMMER SALE STARTS NOW, major markdowns, sweet summer deals, etc, etc, etc. Instantly I find myself pouring through pages of emails, looking to buy shoes I don’t need, clothes I already have and handbags I can’t afford. Every day I have another three emails from different companies, each boasting a different deal or offer everyday specifically chosen and worded to grab the customers attention and make them open and click through rather than delete. And this begs the question, how important is the subject line of an email?

It was only after I began researching the importance of a subject line that I realised just how much more there was to it. The internet is full of … [Read More]