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Alexa Rankings: Good or bad?

Firstly what is Alexa? Alexa determines how popular a website is and places it within it’s online ranking system. This is made up of websites from all over the world, ranging from websites as big as Google and Facebook to ones so small you’ve probably never heard of them. These ranking scores are highly respected within certain circles but many people believe this is a not an accurate way to measure a sites online presence.

The Alexa toolbar is available for free download. It enables users to measure their own traffic and check out competitors. This sounds like the most ideal and simple way to measure your websites traffic, however after looking a little deeper several problems are quickly unearthed. Alexa has been accused by many bloggers of being biased. Alexa even states websites associated with it such as are overrepresented.

One thing they are keen not to mention … [Read More]