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June 2022

From the USA to Europe - StormTech tanks are leading the charge to greener cities

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‘Grey infrastructure’ SuDS attenuation solutions typically collect rainfall from impervious surfaces, such as roadways, hardstandings and rooftops, and then store and discharge it below ground via a series of crates or pipes into the ground through infiltration, or into a local water body via a sewer or surface channel at a controlled flow rate.

‘Green Infrastructure’ (GI) is a complementary, alternative stormwater solution that mimics natural hydrology and seeks to improve water quality and reduce water quantity by capturing runoff as close to the source as possible and infiltrating, filtering, and storing it for reuse. SuDS practitioners often regard GI using vegetative, surface-based solutions as Best Practice.

StormTech chambers can be an integral part of a GI project providing additional scope for the designer to enhance performance and resolve technical issues. One example is where the infiltration capacity of the ground is poor and a downstream connection to a sewer or water body is not practicable. The additional storage provided by StormTech chambers installed below the surface-based SuDS feature can be used to retain a larger volume of storm water and enable infiltration at a slower rate.

StormTech can be used in a variety of GI applications. Pervious pavements, for example, allow the movement of water through the paving material and the StormTech system can be installed below the pavement. StormTech can also be used in combination with vegetative SuDS installations such as swales, infiltration systems, filter strips, rain gardens and bioretention systems. They can enhance the water storage capacity and pollutant removal performance. Downpipes directing stormwater from the roof of a building can also form an integral part of a GI/StormTech system, helping to replenish groundwater in a controlled manner, whilst filtering out sediments and nutrients from the water to decrease pollutant loads. StormTech can also be used as part of a sealed tank system providing rainwater harvesting.

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An excellent example of StormTech used in the broader context of water management is the recently opened 4.5-acre Francisco Park, where the old San Francisco Reservoir was transformed into a sustainable and cost-effective community space with a stormwater capture and reuse system that will perpetually provide water for the park’s irrigation and toilets, all while helping manage stormwater and preserving the natural flora and fauna.

Francisco Park construction site

The stormwater is stored in a 1.9M litre cistern at the top of the hill before being transferred to the service building, where it flows through a series of filtration and disinfecting processes. This includes three StormTech Isolator Rows. These patented water quality treatment devices are integral to the StormTech system and capture the “first flush” and trap sediment and other pollutants coming from stormwater runoff. This approach ensured that the water met public health regulations, while saving 5.7M litres of potable water every year.

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Three hundred and seventy-two StormTech chambers were installed in a 35m x 45m area of the existing reservoir and then covered with soil. This gave a total storage capacity of 2,000m3 of water in a 1,682m2 footprint. StormTech chambers were chosen as they provided the best ratio of storage volume to footprint area. “There are competing products on the market,” explains Sherwood Design Engineers (San Francisco) principal Cody Anderson. “We needed to store as much water as possible in the given area. We work on projects around the globe with an emphasis on sustainable development and we’re known for having the vision and the technical capacity. The Francisco Park is one of those projects of a lifetime. It’s reclaiming an area in the city of San Francisco that is now a beautiful park for the people.”

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StormTech is manufactured by ADS, America's largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. StormTech has a long and successful track record with over 40,000 system installations using in excess of 2.5m units.

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