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March 2022

Prevent site congestion and security concerns with ADS StormTech

With the constant hustle and bustle of a building site, space is often at a premium. So too the busy merchant's yard, with tradesmen, buyers, reps, transport and products all vying for attention.

In such environments, space, logistics and security are of paramount importance, yet the component parts of traditional stormwater attenuation systems are often large and cumbersome, and difficult to store, manage and transport. Fortunately for site managers and merchants alike, a solution is available with ADS StormTech.

ADS StormTech is the world's most popular proprietary stormwater attenuation system. It has a long and successful track record with over 40,000 system installations using in excess of 2.5m units. Crucially, however, it is easy to stack, store and transport, saving space, time and money for merchants and contractors alike.

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With the more traditional systems, the need for significant storage space is invariably a problem. Pre-assembled geocellular crates and large diameter pipes take up valuable storage space, and as they do not stack inside each other, much of the transport volume is simply air. Large diameter steel pipes present a similar problem and can also be a security risk with a scrap re-sale value on the black market. Transporting heavy, large diameter concrete pipes can be both space and weight limited.

Whilst flat-pack geocellular crates are better in terms of transport efficiency, some systems have around 10 individual components parts per m3 of attenuated storage, so for a 1,000m3 system, over 10,000 parts need to be stored, moved and then assembled on site. As a comparison, the StormTech MC3500 system requires less than 200 chambers to create a 1,000m3 tank.


StormTech is manufactured by ADS, America's largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. StormTech has a long and successful track record with over 40,000 system installations using in excess of 2.5m units.

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