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August 2023

Reduce below-ground SuDS attenuation costs with ADS StormTech

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It's official! ADS StormTech can save you time and money as the only combined SuDS attenuation and water quality management system to have 3rd party verified Mitigation Indices (MIs).

Check the results on the British Water web site.

Only an ADS StormTech below-ground SuDS attenuation system can satisfy the water quality requirements on appropriate projects without additional SuDS components in the treatment train, meaning potential savings on capital and maintenance costs.


The MIs for Isolator Row - ADS StormTech's inbuilt water quality treatment device - are TSS = 0.8, Metals = 0.6 and Hydrocarbons = 0.7. This meets the requirements for Medium pollution hazard applications, as defined in Table 26.2 of CIRIA C753 The SuDS Manual and also the TSS for High pollution hazard applications.

All the results are 3rd party verified, calculated in accordance with The SuDS Manual and the British Water 'How To Guide'.

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StormTech is manufactured by ADS, America's largest manufacturer of thermoplastic corrugated drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. StormTech has a long and successful track record with over 50,000 system installations using in excess of 3 million units.

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