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January 2023

ADS StormTech meets Eurocode design loading

ADS construction site

The ADS StormTech below ground SuDS attenuation system has been used on over 50,000 projects worldwide. Eurocode modelling now demonstrates that the standard StormTech Construction Guidelines for minimum and maximum cover depths can be used for both shallow and deep applications.

This means that StormTech can be installed under roads with HGV traffic loading with a cover depth as shallow as 350mm (subject to chamber type) and also to deep invert depths. This is due to 'load shedding' where the chambers pass some of the load into the stiffer material surrounding the chambers, whereby the embedment stone is formed into a series of arches and stone columns, transferring loads away from the chambers and into the soil.

StormTech's arch-shaped chambers are designed and manufactured to codes and standards published by the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and standards body ASTM International. With StormTech now available in the UK and other European countries, and with no 'equivalent' British or European standard currently available, ADS commissioned a modelling study to demonstrate their performance under the Eurocode design methodology.

StormTechs range of sizes of pipes

The wide range of StormTech chamber sizes provides design flexibility to meet many site configurations

Testing Scenarios

The different sizes of StormTech chamber were evaluated using a finite element analysis (FEA) model, which looked at limit state modes of failure as set out EN 1991-2 - Eurocode 1 - Actions on Structures - Part 2.

As per ISO/DIS 4982 which covers arch-shaped chambers, the FEA model was used to test the various chambers in the most demanding loading scenarios. Load models for four different stress and fatigue cases were applied, according to EN 1991-2 with cover in accordance with the ADS StormTech Construction Guides.

Proven performance

The FEA modelling proved that all the StormTech chambers are structurally adequate for each of the four load cases.

Download the document


For a detailed account of the testing scenarios and StormTech performance data, click here.


StormTech is manufactured by ADS, America's largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. StormTech has a long and successful track record with over 50,000 system installations using in excess of 2.5m units.

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