A day through the eyes of a PR Assistant

For anyone who has ever wondered what the life is like as a PR Assistant in a marketing agency or for those friends and family who continue to ask me, “so what exactly do you do?” below is a fairly typical day in the life of a PR Assistant…

8:40AM: Arrive in the office. A few people are around but all are beginning to arrive slowly but surely. I start by filling up my HydrateM8 (I latched onto this craze back in 2016) and check my emails for any unexpected surprises. It’s usually full of offers from publications intertwined with client requests.

9:00AM: I begin my day by responding to all emails and re-writing yesterdays To-Do list, it’s definitely my favourite thing to do to keep me organised. Call me lame but it’s so satisfying when you cross a job off the list.

9:45AM: Gasp at the time (takes a big gulp of water).

10:00AM: Phone call after phone call of organising credible case studies. It’s almost impossible to get hold of contractors, architects and end-users to agree for a photo shoot to taken place but I won’t give up.

10:30AM: By now I’m sorting through the post pulling out the magazines so I can check that my clients have the coverage I booked for them. It is also a good time to spy on what coverage my client’s competitors get and explore any further opportunities within publications.

11:00AM: Re-fuel with a brunch bar and cup of tea!

12:00PM: Grab my notepad full of media requests and highlight the relevant features and publications for their last release keeping within my set budget. Now I proceed to secure the bookings at a competitive price.

1:00PM: Time to grab some lunch and catch up with the world outside of the office. Sometimes if the weather is dull or wet I stay at my desk otherwise I will be down the shops spending money.

2:00PM: Back at the office. Hordes of emails and calls to respond to. I have 3 clients to manage on a daily basis but on some days it feels like these 3 are 20! Major press release to dispatch to media tomorrow but the client still hasn’t approved it. I am on the phone with them reminding them of the urgency of their approvals.

2:30PM: Social media is a big part to promoting a business everyday. I make time to write snippets from their press releases and scheduled these out over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest making sure they are full of images, content and links back to the clients website.

4:00PM: Client is now on the phone providing feedback on the press release. Feedback is key. I have a lot of sticky notes all over my desk. Now the client has signed off the press release I can get this prepared and ready for the all-important release tomorrow. Pictures sorted, website updated, social media scheduled.

5:00PM: Now I am starting to wrap up the day I review my To-do list and make sure that I have dealt with the important tasks for that day.

5:30PM: Another day done.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your insight to a typical day as a PR Assistant here at The Studio 4. We offer a complete package from copywriting, organising photography, through to distribution and managing bookings through various media. If you are interested in this service or require further information, please get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 01952 234004 or emailing info@thestudio4.co.uk