Experiences, Opportunities and Benefits of working at The Studio 4

My first few months at The Studio 4 have been personally and professionally eye-opening. From my first experience in driving in heavy snow on my way to work, to working with brand-new clients across various sectors, there has been numerous occasions in my short time where The Studio 4 way of working differs to what I have experienced in previous roles.

As in almost any career, communication is key. Having originally come from a company with an extensive number of employees, constant communication with teammates was largely non-existent. The Studio 4 however is comprised of a relatively small team where communication is key and every member of the team needs to get involved to ensure that the projects handled are completed at the highest standard.

Another key point to The Studio 4 is the importance developing relationships in the workplace with colleagues and with clients. Building relationships with people involved has become a major part of my position, something which I feel very passionately about.

Building relationships with clients in particular is an integral part of being a PR Co-ordinator; it’s all about the people after all! By getting to know the client and developing a good knowledge of likes, dislikes, skills and a general sense of understanding is critical.

With the large variation in what the marketing agency specialises in, it’s only natural that there are a wide diversity of people working within the team from differing tastes, techniques and skills. This kind of differing personalities and skill sets means that The Studio 4 is able to accommodate all kinds of digital marketing, web development, design and PR requests from clients. There is always a member of the team who is able to complete these requests, and above all complete them to a high-quality standard. This is one of the many benefits of working within a full service marketing agency that handles clients from a wide range of sectors, if you want it completed, we can do it!

I have been very lucky to build these relationships with both my colleagues and clients, as these have been so important in establishing myself within the team.

However, perhaps the best part about working in this dynamic and family-led company is that no day is ever quite the same. In my previous position there was always the knowledge that the routine of marketing was almost always identical every day. However, since starting this position there is no such thing routine, and a lot has to be said for the opportunities and experiences it brings.

Here at The Studio 4 I have learnt that we offer a complete and most importantly, personal service from copywriting, organising photography, through to distribution and managing bookings through various media. If you are interested in finding out what The Studio 4 could do for your business, please get in touch with our friendly team today by calling us 01952 234004 or emailing info@thestudio4.co.uk