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Communication is key!

It’s been said that on average women speak 20,000 words a day and men 13,000, and whether its internal or external, the importance of communication is paramount to a business.

Here at The Studio 4 we sometimes feel more like a family being a relatively small team, and when you spend so much time together the importance of building relationships in the office environment can be very important to helping your work life be enjoyable and productive. When we have big projects on the go we have to work together from start to finish, from ideas and designs to creating and delivering, communicating plays a big part. We often have office discussions where everyone gets involved in ideas to make elements better or to solve issues. We’re also big on doing monthly reports for our clients whether SEO, social media or PR, so our clients can be aware of performance … [Read More]

A starring role for The Studio 4

On Saturday, The Studio 4 became the main focus for a photo shoot, showing off our fantastic new Faber EOS roller blinds that were installed earlier in January.

Having moved into our new third floor offices in September last year, we were in desperate need for our new blinds due to the sun coming in and glaring all our screens from lunchtime every day.

Faber’s EOS system solved our problem, as it’s flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of styles and sizes and in our case was fitted to twenty large and four small windows. This included in our boardroom, which had to have the blackout option installed to make our presentations come alive.

Preparation started on our offices about two weeks before the shoot with the organisation of professional cleaning of the metal columns around the windows and the actual windows being cleaned inside and out … [Read More]

Only the beginning…

Nowadays when everyone is shouting to be heard over competitors marketing campaigns you can’t get left on the page. With so many different platforms to advertise yourself on, press releases have taken on a new lease of life and can have maximum impact but with a relatively low cost involved.

The initial production of press releases can often be time consuming as sourcing photography and information on the product or project has to go through the various stages and with budgets tight for many, the exposure in printed publications can now often be limited.

Publishers are now coming on board with online press releases idea as now many of them upload press releases to publications websites either for a small cost or even sometimes for free. These are often backed up with weekly or monthly e-bulletins from themselves to promote your company and products to relevant groups on their circulation.… [Read More]