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What is search intent and why is it important?

blog - search intent

Over the years, Google has become more and more able to determine the search intent of its users.

As Google wants to give its users exactly what they are looking for quickly, it has placed high importance on getting the intent correct. For example if someone is looking to purchase Google wants to show ecommerce sites so that the user gets to purchase quickly.

4 types of search intent

There are a few distinct types of search intent:

Informational intent

First, there is informational intent. Lots of searches on the internet are of people looking for information. Information about the weather for example or answers to specific questions. In this case, people have a specific question or want to know more about a certain topic. The importance of this has become apparent with the rise of rich snippets where Google tries to provide the answer without you even going to … [Read More]

How best to compare your website traffic

comparing website traffic

Do you have a mass of data from years of business but don’t really know how to accurately compare monthly traffic? Sometimes simply looking at one month compared to the last will not give you an accurate representation of improvements.

What you need to be looking at: Seasonal trends for your market Marketing consistencies Offline impact
Seasonal Trends

Now when I talk about seasonal trends I’m not simply referring to the effects of weather and public holidays. Instead you need to try to establish the trends of your individual marketplace. Some examples may be:

Traffic increases for one of our clients in February/March with customers preparing for the race season Another client has a peak in traffic in May/June due schools looking at plans for the summer holidays Marketing Consistencies

One of the biggest factors in increases and decreases will be extra marketing activity. For example overall traffic may decrease … [Read More]

Content is king, are you falling short?

Many people say that content is now king in the SEO world. Surely though content has always been the most important thing if we think about the user.

Now that search engines have advanced far past the days when all that mattered was meta data, looking at your website from the users point of view could pay dividends.

Lets look at the main points as to why content is so important:

1. People will understand your message

Quality content, which explains well what you do will help people understand your products or services. Yes it is true that search engines too will need you to spoon-feed them what it is you do but if you were previously falling short you were failing your customers. Writing quality content which engages users is much more likely to convert visitors into customers. After all, could you really sell that product in 20 words … [Read More]

Exciting new E commerce website now live

Here at the Studio 4 we are always excited when we get to work on websites which have interesting features and functionality. This meant that when a new client approached us looking for a custom phone case website we jumped at the chance to work with them to realise their dream.

The brief included several challenges that we worked through with the client to overcome. The main basis of the site was an editor, which would allow users to upload images and see them on a phone case of there choose. At this stage the client wanted the users to be able to add text, image filters and crop the images as they see fit.

We worked with Print Your Stuff to create a website that would tick all of the boxes. The final website has now been made live and orders have started to come in.

Users can either … [Read More]

How to create a successful company blog

With the internet’s growing community it is no secret that content is king. Both social media and SEO campaigns require a vast amount of content in order to be successful.

A company blog is a fantastic asset for this purpose if created and managed effectively. Creating a blog gives you a platform to talk openly about your products, services and market place. In doing so you will hopefully engage with your client base and draw them in.

The question on most peoples minds however will be how to create a successful blog. Well, there are many platforms out there that allow you do to this. Having the time however to sit and write content and manage the blog effectively is usually where companies fall down.

This is where blog management companies come in. If your interested in utilising a blog as part of your online marketing strategy then enlisting the … [Read More]