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Which Social Media sites should your business invest in?

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So you’ve decided to jump into the world of social media investment for your business – welcome! This is a great journey for your business, with 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 alone, it’s a cheap and effective way of marketing.

With so many different platforms to choose from, we understand that it can be quite overwhelming at first. That is why we have compiled our top 5 favorite sites and why they might be appropriate to your business in particular!

Starting from the beginning. It’s not very wise to invest in every site you see, this could be damaging to your time – and budget. Starting with a budget allocated to one or two sites is ideal.

1. Facebook

It won’t come to much of a surprise that Facebook is at the top of our list. With 1.32 billion daily users, the site doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s also … [Read More]

A day through the eyes of a PR Assistant

For anyone who has ever wondered what the life is like as a PR Assistant in a marketing agency or for those friends and family who continue to ask me, “so what exactly do you do?” below is a fairly typical day in the life of a PR Assistant…

8:40AM: Arrive in the office. A few people are around but all are beginning to arrive slowly but surely. I start by filling up my HydrateM8 (I latched onto this craze back in 2016) and check my emails for any unexpected surprises. It’s usually full of offers from publications intertwined with client requests.

9:00AM: I begin my day by responding to all emails and re-writing yesterdays To-Do list, it’s definitely my favourite thing to do to keep me organised. Call me lame but it’s so satisfying when you cross a job off the list.

9:45AM: Gasp at the time (takes a … [Read More]

Christmas is coming… Especially for TV adverts

It seems there is a common theme this year with all the big company’s Christmas adverts, and strangely enough it isn’t showcasing the many products and gifts you can buy. It is much deeper than that, with each company putting their own spin on what Christmas means besides giving shampoo sets and socks to our nearest and dearest. If you want to view the adverts, click on the image.

The advert that has caused the biggest storm this year has to be the John Lewis advert. This includes a boy and his friend, Monty the Penguin, going through the run up to Christmas, showing a strong friendship and enjoying many moments together. The main focus of the fairly long advert, just over 2 minutes long, is one of companionship and love, which sadly Monty the Penguin doesn’t have. The climax on Christmas morning is when the boy, Sam, gives Monty … [Read More]

Technology and Privacy

With all the latest scandals in the news about leaked photos and information from Apple’s iCloud, it really makes you wonder how private our online presence and other aspects of our lives are.

A few weeks ago compromising photos of several big name celebrities where leaked online for the whole world to see. The hacker claimed that it was possible because of a weak link in Apple’s iCloud security system. This begs the question to how secure our personal information and property is online. Not only this, but where else is our privacy being breeched by other technology.

CCTV is not a new thing in our society, but for those of you who are concerned about your privacy will have already considered the fact that perhaps CCTV is not only there for your safety and to catch criminals, but also have a log of your whereabouts whenever you are in … [Read More]

Is a Multimedia Degree Worth £22,500

I am a second year student currently studying a range of modules, one specifically being multimedia. I am now seven months into the module. I have only done work on ‘Flash’, making me believe the multimedia and e-business world outside of university uses this software. Starting my work experience in this sector, I have found out this isn’t the case. ‘Flash’ appears to be non-existent in the workplace. As a result, I decided to research this, believing there must be a chunk in the market that uses this; otherwise my extravagant fees just don’t seem worth it.

University’s teaching in multimedia tells students that the future is in hand-held devices, but then contradict themselves by teaching software which is obsolete on these devices. Why? Flash is being taught at Higher Education Establishments in multimedia modules, while ‘Flash’ seems to be dead in the water.

Apple’s burst onto the scene and … [Read More]