Josh’s work experience placement with us!

Over the past five weeks, we have had the privilege of mentoring Josh, immersing him in the dynamic world of digital marketing. As a bright student pursuing a degree in business management at the esteemed University of Chester, Josh has embraced the opportunity to learn from our experienced team and gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of this ever-evolving field.

Throughout his journey with us, Josh has acquired a comprehensive understanding of fundamental aspects such as SEO optimisation, content creation, and media planning through hands-on experiences. With our guidance, he has honed his skills in these essential areas, gaining practical knowledge that will undoubtedly prove invaluable as he progresses his digital marketing interest.

Not only has Josh experienced the role of a digital marketer but has been introduced to our organisation’s workplace culture gaining insights demonstrating our team’s collaboration to achieve client requirements. This is something that has helped Josh massively when getting settled in, as everyone has made equal efforts to ensure he feels welcomed and involved.  

Josh aims to take what he has learnt here onwards into third year at university and apply the skills he has gained into future opportunities. 

We asked Josh at the end of his placement his thoughts, “I cannot express enough gratitude towards Matt and the team for providing me with this opportunity and allowing me to grow and develop over these 5 weeks”. 

We are glad that Josh has enjoyed his time with us and wish him all of the best in his future career. If you are interested in work experience or an apprenticeship in digital marketing, please get in touch.

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