A recap of 2021

The world continued to evolve this year following the global pandemic and the effects it has had on nearly every sector. With some industries growing more than ever and consumer behaviour drastically changing, content makers were required to be more flexible and agile. 

Research suggests that 68% of companies set plans to increase their content marketing budget in 2021, with the majority claiming that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was the most effective marketing tactic in 2020. This is proven thanks to search traffic increasing by 22% in 2020 for the 1,000 most popular websites worldwide.

Global and national lockdowns resulted in conversations being brought online, google classroom was one of the most popular topics searched in 2021 as a result of the education sector turning to online platforms to teach classes. 

Despite living in unprecedented times, 2021 enables the world to continue moving forward. 

Key trends of 2021

  • Online shopping has continued to grow in popularity throughout 2021. This growth has been at a fast pace from the start of locking with consumers mainly talking about online store clothing, along with online education and online fitness coaching.


  • Something that many people had high hopes for in 2021 travel related searches have begun to bounce back with an increase in the number of people discussing topics including booking and low cost flights. However, unfortunately travel remains one of the main areas highly affected by the pandemic meaning that searches relating to travel restrictions and advice were also amongst the most popular searches for this topic. 


  • A more obvious area of popularity this year has been health-related themes which have continued to trend online. This includes health insurance related searches as well as people on the quest to stay healthy throughout lockdown. 


  • 2021 saw a significant increase in search terms relating to sustainability. Trends have shown that users are becoming a lot more cautious of the brands they are purchasing their items from, with search terms relating to sustainable fashion brands and fast fashion environmental impact seeing an increase in searches. 


  • Online marketing has remained popular this year, and evidence suggests that online marketing will become a vital tool to help small businesses increase their awareness and get through difficult times. Search terms relating to building WordPress websites, and Search Engine marketing saw an increase this year suggesting that more businesses are beginning to grow their online presence. 

To summarise the year

To summarise 2021 consumer behaviour has mainly become digitalised. As result the opportunities for digital content marketing has been unprecedented, it has called for better content analytics and research tools. A businesses ability to identify their customers main topics will shape the success of their content marketing strategies in 2022 and beyond. 

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