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What is search intent and why is it important?

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Over the years, Google has become more and more able to determine the search intent of its users.

As Google wants to give its users exactly what they are looking for quickly, it has placed high importance on getting the intent correct. For example if someone is looking to purchase Google wants to show ecommerce sites so that the user gets to purchase quickly.

4 types of search intent

There are a few distinct types of search intent:

Informational intent

First, there is informational intent. Lots of searches on the internet are of people looking for information. Information about the weather for example or answers to specific questions. In this case, people have a specific question or want to know more about a certain topic. The importance of this has become apparent with the rise of rich snippets where Google tries to provide the answer without you even going to … [Read More]

Which Social Media sites should your business invest in?

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So you’ve decided to jump into the world of social media investment for your business – welcome! This is a great journey for your business, with 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 alone, it’s a cheap and effective way of marketing.

With so many different platforms to choose from, we understand that it can be quite overwhelming at first. That is why we have compiled our top 5 favorite sites and why they might be appropriate to your business in particular!

Starting from the beginning. It’s not very wise to invest in every site you see, this could be damaging to your time – and budget. Starting with a budget allocated to one or two sites is ideal.

1. Facebook

It won’t come to much of a surprise that Facebook is at the top of our list. With 1.32 billion daily users, the site doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s also … [Read More]

Marketing Top-Tips for Small Businesses

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For a small business, marketing your services effectively whilst on a budget, can be very challenging. From your brand identity to social media campaigns, there are a range of things which can be done to increase traffic to your website. Here are a few of our favourite top-tips to help market your small Business this year!

Make sure your business is marketed on the right channels

There are a variety of channels that businesses can be found on, but it can be a waste of time trying all of them. Instead, you need to know which channels are appropriate for your business. For example, if you’re a B2B service provider, LinkedIn would be the best suited as you can connect with potential buyers. It’s also a great place to share company news.

However, if you are a fashion or crafts business, Instagram would be a great channel to promote your … [Read More]

How press releases can help your business

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Press releasing any work from your business is extremely vital if you want your audiences to grow.

Releasing your articles/blogs to the media is another way of easy self-publishing which can help your company’s market grow distinctively bigger.

Regardless of the set back such as the company’s budget, it’s a small sacrifice that has to be made that can actually boost your company.

So here are some of the top reasons press releasing is beneficial for your business:

Instant Exposure

As a small or medium business, you might have limited resources. However, by taking a single gamble on the copy for a press release can help greatly with the gross marketing of your company.

For example, amongst 80 million people, there will be a large amount who will stumble upon your work e.g online or paperback magazines that could count into the marketing strategy.

You want your audiences to dream … [Read More]

The start of a New Year with the Studio 4

Blog - New Year (Matt)

So I am writing the first blog of the year and it is already the 4th week! Things have not stopped since the Christmas break. We have several new accounts, been overseas on business, skype calling in the UK and Europe whilst still servicing the needs of the clients on our doorstep.

With brexit looming I am perplexed at the up turn in business but long may it last. So why have things started so well? I had a look at where the work has come from and some has been PR, a lot of SEO, new design and Branding contracts, loads of websites, hosting, domains, social media, you name it, in the first 3 weeks, we have done it.

So maybe that’s why we are busy, because of the breadth of what we offer. For a team of 14, we are extremely diverse with talented staff in 5 or … [Read More]