SEO during COVID-19: Opportunities to work on now!

The world is currently in a state of confusion, due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19. The situation is changing by day, but not all is lost. 

Take this as an opportunity to strategically plan and come out stronger and poised for quick recovery. 

Now is the chance to start thinking about strategic planning post-COVID-19. Here are some current opportunities that you can start working on now for improved SEO on your site.


Stay at the Forefront of Google Trends

People spending a lot of time are home, which means people are searching online, a lot. Monitor Google Trends for new questions or topics that people are asking about your industry during this time. 

Staying on top of this data and really starting to recognise trends relevant to your business, this will mean you can begin creating content around those topics. Topics that your customer base are interested in.

When sales pick back up again, you’ll be ready with top-notch, relevant content. Your content will turn into the resources people need; thus, improving your SEO and bringing more traffic to your website.


Monitor Google Search Console & Keyword Rankings

It is important to monitor Google Search Console or third-party tools for keyword changes more closely than you normally do.

In times where there is great demand or demand has completely shifted, you often see shifts in search interest and user intent on individual queries. This means if you aren’t monitoring this data closely, you will miss the opportunity to change your approach. 


Build Up Your Content Bank

With the outbreak of Covid-19 consumer behavior is shifting, and this pandemic will only cause consumers to search and behave differently than before.

Like everyone, people will now have more time on their hands so this marks the perfect opportunity to write content! Start by prioritizing top/mid-funnel content.

While this content might not convert in the short term. However, it will get consumers into the funnel to present your products/services for future needs and could lead to future sales. 

By having a stockpile of great content ready to go and out there ahead of time will give you an advantage  on the competition.


Hire Top SEO Talent 

Here, at The Studio 4 we are a leading creative marketing agency based in Telford, Shropshire. We specialise in Web design, graphic design, search engine optimisation, social media, PR, media planning and much, much more.


Embrace New Content Strategies

Although we could have never predicted this outbreak, the opportunities that are presented during times like this can force us to change for the better.

With people spending significantly more time streaming and watching YouTube right now, start developing more video content to take advantage of this. 

Take a look at previously developed content that resonated via traffic and repurpose that content in a video format.


Embrace the Data

Similarly to the first point, not only will you have more data to work with when it comes to Google Trends because people are searching more frequently, but you may actually see an increase in traffic to your site.

While this traffic may not turn into sales, or even leads, an increase in searches and people to your website can still offer some great insights and improve your ranking on google. Now is the time to consider diving deep into your website.


Think Beyond Content & Use This Time Wisely

More of a “catch-all” for marketers is simply using your time wisely. While content is likely the first SEO task that comes to mind, now is the time to focus on SEO as a whole.

  • Ensure your page speed is where it needs to be.
  • Update your website with fresh photos.
  • Check your URL structure.
  • Create a user-experience exercise.
  • Create new content.
  • Optimize pages on your site. 
  • Ensure your content is easy to find.
  • And so much more.


Many of these tasks may also require a bit of outsourcing, which is just another well to help fellow marketers during these uncertain times.


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