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Google June 2 Update 2021. What you need to know.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key player in getting your website to the top of Google’s search lists. SEO is essentially the process of finding and using the correct keywords within your website’s content, linking to the same phrases that users will search into google. The better the keywords and phrases match the higher your site will rank in the search results.


What is the Google Update?

In June, the update to Google’s core algorithm update came out. With another being carried out in July 2021, a month later. Larger than the likes of December 2020, many SEO analysts and companies were worried or cautious of the impacts of the update, be it positive or negative for them. 

Google has updates to change and improve the way data is read, used, and explored, including the processes that decide where a website should be displayed in the search results based on how relevant it is. Not to be confused with the page experience update, of which doesn’t take into account SEO. 

Google Announced the update rolls out 10:30PM (GMT) on June 2nd, while impacts on website rankings were felt a few days after the initial start, though Google has said it took two weeks to fully roll out. With some websites garnering effects both positive and negatively having the rankings fluctuate much more than usual. 

Despite these fluctuations and many websites ‘losing’, Google claims many issues may be fixed during the second update throughout June and July with reverses of changes possibly occurring, while the process of working out finer details in the second update.


How websites were affected.

Of course, with the update being global and worldwide, it affected much more than just a few businesses. Five of the most affected markets were health, autos, pet & animals, science and travel as found out by Semrush. 

While Sistrix found that certain websites including, and lost significant visibility since the update. 

In contrast, ‘winners of the update with increased visibility and ranking included websites like, and spotify,com.


What to do if a Google Update Negatively impacts your site ranking.

Google has released help documents and FAQs in order to give information on the matter and how to improve your ranking after being hit negatively after an update. Though they have also claimed there may be nothing wrong with your pages, instead simply being a casualty of algorithm discrepancies. Finally, they also claim between or shortly after core updates, it is likely websites will see an improvement in ranking.


Why is this important?

With updates to not only Google but also anything related online, constantly happening, websites need upkeep, in order to stay fast, reliable, functional and safe. Which is difficult for many to achieve alone.

 Specialists at The Studio 4 are here to do exactly that, we are here to know how to deal with fluctuations and differences in the SEO front, in order to get our client’s websites to rank the best they possibly can. 


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