What makes an effective Email Marketing campaign?

In today’s digital world there has never been more ways to segment and customise messaging to customers. The trusted email remains a traffic source that delivers significant return on investment for businesses across all sectors. The global email marketing market was recently valued to be worth £5.7 billion. With this statistic in mind it is clear that email marketing is a clear beneficial investment. 

The benefits of creating email campaigns do not stop at improving key email metrics such as open rate, and click through rate (CTR), but also hidden metrics that can provide your business with a unique edge. 

When creating a campaign it is important to consider what the main goals of the email will be. This can vary from promoting sales, customer reviews, or latest news. Make sure to test out different subject lines, images, and layouts to make sure you can maximise engagements whilst also achieving the main goal of the email. If your main focus is to maximise the open rate of your emails, ensure to monitor previous emails sent out to gauge the activity behaviour of your audience. 

Many factors can affect the success of an e-bulletin including the time it is sent out. Through close monitoring of previous emails you can determine what time works best for your business, and tailor future campaigns to suit. 

Marketers that use segmented campaigns have acknowledged a 760% boost in revenue. Whilst monitoring your performance and taking an analytical approach to your mailing lists, by using relevant data to segment your email marketing customers into different audiences you create the opportunity to send highly personalised, value-driven communications to the correct people and at the right people. 

As with any marketing activity, you need to ensure that you are creating content that engages your audience. Copywriting efforts can determine the success of any email. Ensure that the subject line of the email is clear and concise whilst presenting personal value to the audience. 

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