Meet Maria!

In September María Tenreiro joined us all the way from Madrid! Maria will be learning from the SEO team as part of her work experience here in the UK, whilst also teaching the team some Spanish!

To get to know Maria, we have asked her a few questions about herself. To start, Maria graduated last June with a degree in Business Administration and Management at CUNEF University, located in Madrid. She has also previously worked at Banco Santander in the commercial management department.

Maria would like to orientate her career internationally as she enjoys travelling and getting to know other cultures from around the world. While she is with us, we hope to learn more about the Spanish culture as well!

During her free time, Maria enjoys going to the gym and sailing on her boat in North Spain during the Summer months. During Winter, Maria occasionally likes to snowboard in Formigal.

Maria is pleased to be working with The Studio 4 and especially likes the working atmosphere and colleague friendships. Maria will be assisting with The Studio 4 social media profiles so look at for future posts! We are certain she will do a great job and be a real asset to the company over the next year.

Welcome Maria!

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