Elon Musk set to offer £7 Twitter Premium Subscription

Twitter is taking centre stage this week with the platform being sued by former staff as Musk begins mass sacking. This is one of the many changes taking place in the business, with the introduction to a premium subscription plan in full force.

Elon Musk has said Twitter will offer a premium subscription service for £7 a month as part of his £38 billion takeover of the social media platform.

There are a few key things that will come with the premium subscription that will completely change the Twitter that we now know.

Firstly, the £7 will boost the visibility of their posts and allow them to see fewer advertisements on the platform. The subscription will also verify users, enabling them to have the famous ‘blue tick’.

The blue tick symbol is currently a free addition which high-profile users are awarded with once they reach a certain following. Critics are questioning whether the new blue tick strategy will make it harder to identify reliable sources. Musk says that the blue tick would give subscribers “priority in replies, mentions and search” which he believes is essential to defeat spam on the platform.

The subscription plan would be the first major change to Twitter’s business model since Musk took control of the platform. Users are keen to see how the change will be rolled out and what Twitter will become in the future!

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