5 Key Reasons to Use WordPress.

People often ask questions such as: 

  • What is WordPress?
  • Is it still relevant in 2022?
  • Why should I use WordPress?
  • How will it benefit me? 

If you’re curious about learning the answer to any one of these questions, read ahead to learn some of the most valuable reasons as to why you should be using WordPress. 

So what is WordPress?

WordPress is a site that is growing ever more popular and has developed into a strong tool that people use to build their website and one of the most popular choices of content management systems (CMS). With this CMS tool, the process for users is simplified by allowing users to build their website without requiring any specialist knowledge or writing the code themselves. What’s truly great about this site, is that it gives you the opportunity to make plenty of different types of websites which provides you with many options and allows you to personalise your website to the way that you want it to look like!

Why should I use WordPress? 

  1. WordPress is Super Simple!

Although this site is used by many bigger named brands such as Sony Music, Vogue and The White House due to its large capacity and power, it is very beginner friendly!

With its easy to navigate dashboard, WordPress gives you control over creating posts and pages, customising your website design, adding extra navigation options, and more. This means users don’t have to worry about any technical or coding issues when initially creating the website. 

WordPress is constantly updating to be the best version for you to use and can be simply installed with a quick click. There are also multiple WordPress backup plugin options and additional security measures to ensure that your website has everything you need. 

      2. You can Customise your Website how you want

WordPress has been designed to simplify the website design process by making thousands of website templates available to choose from with almost every kind of website in mind. There is often an option panel that enables you to upload your logo, change colours, alter the background, and more! There are also a multitude of plugin options that can be used to enhance the features to your websites such as contact form, analytics, and SEO plugins.

      3. The site is SEO friendly

In order to be successful, a website needs to attract visitors and traffic. WordPress is built with this in mind which means that users that use WordPress tend to rank higher than others in search engines because of being written in high-quality code with semantic markup to optimise your website.

      4. WordPress is Secure

WordPress provides you with the option to add extra security measures if you wish but is also originally built with security in mind. To protect your site, you can install one of WordPress’ security plugin options to take that extra step to secure your website from hackers, malware, brute force attacks, and other dangers.

  1. WordPress isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

WordPress is a form of open-source software meaning that it is not maintained by a sole person or company therefore, if WordPress were to disappear, it could be easily relaunched with the same code and reopened with a different name within a short amount of time!

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