Is ChatGPT the future?

We can all agree that ChatGPT has been a great addition to many industries however it’s not the be-all and end-all in its current state.

There is still a lot of human input that is required to ensure the quality of your work.

For us, ChatGPT works more like an icebreaker, helping us skip the umms and ahhs at the start of projects and letting us get straight into brainstorming.

When ChatGPT first came out, everyone thought it was the be-all and end-all for everything language-based.

Although it does a great job at what it is designed to do, it’s not going to take over your job and do everything for you quite yet.

Our job as marketers is to ensure that the end product and service we provide is of top quality. Fact-checking, optimising, researching and predicting the outcomes of our work are all important steps to ensure we provide the best results.

Many companies integrate ChatGPT for enhanced front-end experiences, crucial for customer loyalty. Expect AI chatbots and assisted programs to infiltrate search engines and customer service in the 2020s.

Having said that, it’s wise not to get blind-sighted by ChatGPT. Yes, what it’s able to achieve with the right care is amazing, but let’s remember that this is the first AI of its kind.

Big tech companies such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple and many more are now in the race to create the next big AI that will impact us as much as Open AI has.

As we get further into the 2020s, more companies will be competing against each other to create new versions of ChatGPT and AI chatbots and AI-assisted programs will begin creeping into search engines and customer service.

Needless to say, keep your eyes open and look out for other artificial intelligence as there may be a wide range of great tools at your disposal over the next few years.

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