A starring role for The Studio 4

On Saturday, The Studio 4 became the main focus for a photo shoot, showing off our fantastic new Faber EOS roller blinds that were installed earlier in January.

Having moved into our new third floor offices in September last year, we were in desperate need for our new blinds due to the sun coming in and glaring all our screens from lunchtime every day.

Faber’s EOS system solved our problem, as it’s flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of styles and sizes and in our case was fitted to twenty large and four small windows. This included in our boardroom, which had to have the blackout option installed to make our presentations come alive.

Preparation started on our offices about two weeks before the shoot with the organisation of professional cleaning of the metal columns around the windows and the actual windows being cleaned inside and out to make sure they were all looking there best.

On the actual day, Tom Foxall, our freelance photographer, did a brilliant job to show the blinds at their best and with his eye for detail, captured some great shots of the offices and the blinds as one.

We are all very pleased with the blinds and how the photography has turned out. If only everyone’s desks had stayed as tidy as I’d made them past 9.05am on Monday morning!

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