Going Viral

I'm a sucker for a good advertising campaign. I can't help it. Usually I'm drawn to anything topical, or something which has managed to create a social buzz.

Take this weekend's Jubilee celebrations for instance. I was swayed into purchasing some royally themed biscuits, purely because they were named 'queen for a day' and packaged in all the necessary patriotic paraphernalia. I was drawn in, by the not-so-subtle marketing message. Striking an accordance with your audience is an important avenue to explore when marketing your services. The most successful way to do this is to present an interest in shared topics, opinions and current ideas.

Generating a conversation with potential clients or customers is an effective self promotion tactic. It also makes for the beginnings of an accurate and current advertising campaign. Whether you work for a door handle manufacturers or a handbag retailer, it's important to contribute and interact with  the community which surrounds and ultimately supports your business.

Don't make the mistake of creating a campaign that feels limited in terms of its out-reach. Adverts need to spark  conversation – something that can become a talking point between friends or colleagues over their lunch break. Adverts need to be shareable so that company messages can transcend and move beyond social networks, both online and offline.

Viral advertising or viral marketing is a sub-genre of internet marketing. As the name suggests- an advert is released, viewed and passed on at such a rate that the its influence and exposure grows ever greater and wider. Viral advertising is different to traditional methods because it relies on mass sharing between networks of friends, colleagues and enthusiasts on the internet – a kind of sub e-culture. Some of the best adverts have gone viral simply because they presented themselves as being exclusive. The product itself might not be an exclusive, but packaging something in this way will no doubt generate the necessary intrigue and excitement.

Advertising has changed in recent years. This underground e-culture seems to possess a strength in advert circulation. Of course, traditional print methods remain successful, but t's something to be said for the power of internet sharing.

At The Studio 4 we can help your company create all kinds of adverts. Our specialists are experts in online and print output, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your company image is in good hands.  From online advertising, to brochures, to websites; The Studio 4 will create a stylish and professional campaign for your company.

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