Un-sociable media, LOL?

How did you spend your lunch hour? On Twitter, on Facebook? Or maybe you took a photo of your sandwich with Instagram. These days, social media rules the (communication) waves.

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If you can contact your recipient by the click of a mouse, why would you bother to phone or, heaven forbid, arrange a meeting? Offering users the opportunity to avoid face to face interaction, social media channels are at risk of breeding an anti-social generation.

Participation in social activity, in real time, is key to human development – it helps us judge characters and form relationships. No app or hashtag is powerful enough to simulate this experience.

Facial expression 🙂 and vocal intonation are all lost through social media channels, and to some extent, so is your right of reply. Would you ever just get up and leave a meeting without explanation or hang up the phone because you don’t want to talk any longer? Unlikely – but social media allows users to abandon an exchange whenever they choose, at detriment to the growing relationship.

Social media occupies a useful place in today’s society. When it replaces or distracts from personal interaction however, it becomes decidedly unsocial.

As a marketing business, social media is invaluable to us, but we also invest time in getting to know our clients on a personal level.

So next time you’re about to hit tweet, why not pick up the phone? You might not be able to condense your chat into 140 characters but at least you can have a proper LOL.




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