4 reasons why you should use LinkedIn to promote your business

Linked in is quickly becoming one of the top 10 websites used globally so it’s no surprise that masses of businesses are flocking to the growing social network to promote their services and products. However unlike other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not for telling people about your weekend away in Wales or that pasta you just ate for dinner. Instead the site is building a bridge for businesses who wish to connect with potential clients, attract future employees or simply source out competitors.

So what are the benefits of creating a LinkedIn page for your company?
At a first glace a company page appears to simply consist of a company name, logo, introduction, location, industry and the size of the organisation. However the hidden benefits of LinkedIns tools and functions are not to be overlooked by any business wanting to utilise the mass online market.

Make your business come alive with live feeds through the form of unique status updates or you can go one step further and integrate Twitter and blog posts. This means that ‘not having time’ to use LinkedIn is no longer an excuse as you can manage it alongside with your other social networks. That’s clever hey?

Promote the brand
Let the marketing side of you take over by promoting products and services that you offer via individual product pages. Not only can you add pictures to entice customers but you can put in a link back to your main website where more detailed information can be found. Remember to keep the descriptions fairly simple so readers aren’t put off by massive chunks of text.

LinkedIns original demographic was centered on recruitment which is a feature that still runs at the heart of the site. If your aim is to attract talent to your business then make sure you use catchy slogans as Facebook do on their LinkedIn page with motivating quotes like ‘working at Facebook means doing what you love’. You don’t have to be overly cheesy but in today’s competitive job market, job seekers are often looking for companies that show that their employees are at the heart of their firm.

Visits and page views, commonly known as ‘hits’, are privately tracked and updated every 24 hours so the admin can pinpoint who is interested in their page. This is a great way to monitor your popularity on the site as it will give you an incentive to gain more hits.
Quite easy isn’t it really?

For some inspiration on how to start or modify your LinkedIn page check out Studio 4s page at: http://www.linkedin.com/company/the-studio-4

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