SEO begins at the website development stage

The foundation of a successful website starts with a great design, user-friendly interface and a well developed user experience.

But unknown to most, these have become very important ranking factors and a big part of modern search engine optimisation (SEO). This includes things like page speed, site usability and a responsive mobile design.

Although SEO starts with considering the website content as the predominant ranking factor, there are other contributing factors that help bring information to the forefront. This includes outlining the title and description of the page with your most relevant keyword. The title should be the most relevant searchable term for that particular page.

Website design and SEO

By thinking of areas such as the page title, description and keywords in relation to SEO at development stage will ensure that your website is setup with the right structure to become Google friendly.

Search engine’s primary goal is to give you the most relevant results. The user experience of the site, the loading speed and the structure of your website are now also considered in the ranking of your website. Therefore you need to be thinking about how the website is actually built and not just engaging content and imagery.

We keep in mind all aspects of SEO in the development of our websites, as we believe that search engines will develop to counter more factors like these in the future. Our developers and SEO team are in constant unison regarding the changing in ranking factors and how this impacts on the construction of a top quality searchable website.

If your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like on Google, contact The Studio 4 to find out about our SEO packages and web development and how they can benefit you. Everyone’s needs are different, so we tailor each package specifically for you and your business, making sure that we reach your ranking goals.


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