Communication is key!

It’s been said that on average women speak 20,000 words a day and men 13,000, and whether its internal or external, the importance of communication is paramount to a business.

Here at The Studio 4 we sometimes feel more like a family being a relatively small team, and when you spend so much time together the importance of building relationships in the office environment can be very important to helping your work life be enjoyable and productive. When we have big projects on the go we have to work together from start to finish, from ideas and designs to creating and delivering, communicating plays a big part. We often have office discussions where everyone gets involved in ideas to make elements better or to solve issues. We’re also big on doing monthly reports for our clients whether SEO, social media or PR, so our clients can be aware of performance throughout the month, tasks to work on or suggestions we think could benefit them, again keeping everyone in the loop.Communication is key

With so many forms of communication these days whether speaking face-to-face, social media, email or on the phone, keeping in touch with our clients on a regular basis is so important. Whether to discuss an ongoing job or to talk future plans, I’m still an old fashioned girl and like to hear someone’s voice and have eye contact so I would always choose to pick up the phone or arrange a meeting where possible.

Each type of communication has its purpose however. Social media can be ideal for getting messages out to the masses whereas a phone call or meeting is much more one-on-one and personal. Each type though has to be used at some point or another depending on the circumstances.

Building good relationships with clients comes from good communication and I’d like to think that any of our clients know that they can get in touch with us in any form and we will always be on hand to help. That way we can bring you into our ever growing working family.

If you need help with your business communicating, then get in touch with us to see how we can help further.

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