CMA Awards

The Studio 4 look to create a “Stunning and Lasting Impression” at the Construction Marketing Awards

What is it?

The construction marketing awards (CMA’s) “showcases the construction industry’s creativity, innovation and effectiveness in marketing”.

To enter the awards you have to be invited by an organisation within the UK Construction and Built Environment. These organisations comprise of Architects, Specialist Consultants, Contractors, Developers, Manufacturers and Specialist Suppliers.

Entries are submitted by a marketing team or individual that is responsible for a business development or marketing strategy, within the Construction and Built Environment. There are 23 categories that you can enter which include Agency of the Year, Best Product Launch, Best use of Advertising and Best Branding & Positioning.

Our Entry

The Studios entry for the CMAs is for the ‘Best use of Advertising’ for a product launched by flooring specialists Gerflor. The product being advertised was the Taralay Impression Control & Uni Collection, which is a new vinyl flooring product for 2018.

The range is full of innovative designs alongside a wide colour range. The advertising campaign for the launch needed to showcase these designs, highlighting innovation and presenting a selection of the colours available. The target audience for the adverts was both architects and specifiers. From a creative perspective, the adverts needed to be bold and striking with relevant imagery. It also needed to work across a range of different platforms, from print to email campaigns.

We decided at an early stage that we wanted to create an illustration-based campaign, rather than the room set imagery that displays the product in situ. Although these can work well at showing the product, the advertisements can often appear lost alongside other product-based adverts. The illustrations stood out from the crowd and gave us the freedom to pick our subject area whilst still having a link to the products characteristics. Illustration also creates the ability to scale the advertisement itself across any medium, including the use of animation for online use.

As a result, a series of illustrations of iconic landmarks around the world were created. These were decided upon due to their aesthetic appeal and the influence they have on the architectural world. The tagline “Create a stunning & lasting impression” was used to capture the attention of the target audience. It also meets one of the central objectives to reinforce the product name in a design setting. The imagery was based around references from the collection itself. This elegantly showed the wide range of colours and designs in a creative and striking way. The impact each building has had on the architectural world was a very important aspect of the campaign. Connecting both the imagery and the tagline emphasises the message that this product will create a stunning and lasting impression. This is a key selling point for those looking to specify a high-quality product for their next project.

The Award Ceremony

The awards are held on the 29th November 2018 in London, where the finalists are invited to attend a Gala Dinner. Best of luck to everyone that has entered. If you want to keep up to date with our progress in the CMA’s follow us on social media!

Our fingers are crossed that our entry  “Creates a stunning & lasting impression” with the judges.

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