Only the beginning…

Nowadays when everyone is shouting to be heard over competitors marketing campaigns you can’t get left on the page. With so many different platforms to advertise yourself on, press releases have taken on a new lease of life and can have maximum impact but with a relatively low cost involved.

The initial production of press releases can often be time consuming as sourcing photography and information on the product or project has to go through the various stages and with budgets tight for many, the exposure in printed publications can now often be limited.

Publishers are now coming on board with online press releases idea as now many of them upload press releases to publications websites either for a small cost or even sometimes for free. These are often backed up with weekly or monthly e-bulletins from themselves to promote your company and products to relevant groups on their circulation.

Taking it a step further you can now be promoted with your own personalised e-bulletin using their circulation, getting yourself in front of current project members at a fraction of the cost of printed advertising.

But we are now taking it a step further and with all this in mind the new generation of online press releases is getting even more popular.


How does it help…?

First off, your press release has to be made more compatible for online by making it into an article submission. This includes active website links and keywords to aid your SEO campaign. This then gets submitted to online link directories which can produce a return in 3 different ways:

1 – Enquiries to your website

2 – Company awareness – As your release can be featured in over 50 relevant places on the web and sent to over 30,000 architects via email

3 – Increases your website domain authority – Each post will create back-links to your website which is one of the primary ways Google determines how important your website is for the products is produces. The more back-links you have, the more important your website is perceived to be.


Where to send it…?

So once in the article submission state it now gets sent to the following:

1 – To relevant market news websites with a link back to your company website

2 – To relevant article submission websites

3 – As long as your certified by Google as a newsworthy source, your article submission will feature on Google News and will appear if anybody searches for a relevant keyword.

4 – Turned into social media feeds and uploaded to sites like Twitter and Facebook.


And theres more…

With product placement being accepted by most on ours screens these days, we can now even see our clients products popping up in unexpected places.

Take a look at the below You Tube video of Labrinth’s recent single Earthquake, where our client, Hunter Douglas, had their ceilings at Excel featured. They are the red ceilings about 2minutes 20 seconds in.

Labrinth – Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah

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