SEO : Is your website hiding?

So you have a website, the next question is how do you turn this into a business tool. Having a website without investing in SEO (search engine optimisation) is much like writing a great letter and never posting it. You might have created a fantastic website but if no one ever gets to see it unfortunately it’s never going to have a very big impact on your company.

It is estimated that an average 80% – 90% of all website user traffic begins on search engine sites, you probably used Google to get to the studio 4 site today. Due to this way of navigating around the web you simply can’t risk not ranking in search engines.

Getting ranked highly for important keywords in your industry can increase your traffic by large amounts. One of our customers has seen their visitor numbers triple from when we started their SEO campaign to the present day. The Internet is only going to become more popular and more of a business tool as we move forward into a technological age. SEO is just one of the ways that businesses will need to keep up with a changing market.

The process of getting ranked in search engines however can often be a challenging one. The ever changing algorithms for how search engines see your website against competitors means that there is no quick fix. Getting and staying high in search engines takes constant monitoring and adjustments based on the current climate. There are many aspects to SEO that need to be taken into account when building up your brand and creating this takes a lot of hard work.

A few of the most vital things that will enable you to start ranking are ensuring quality content on the site, good keyword selection, successful optimization and vast link building. All of these aspects need to be brought together to create a successful ranking however understanding each one is very important. To give a more in depth look at each aspect i will be blogging tips each week on the various areas that are key to SEO success. So make sure you check back regularly

Area’s to look forward to will be:

1 – Creating Compelling Content

2 – Clever keyword selection

3 – Optimal Optimisation

4 – Lovely Link’s

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