SEO: Optimal Optimisation

Now the fun bit. You have your content. You have your keywords. The next bit is to optimise these on your site so that Google finds you for them.

This bit does take a bit of technical knowledge of websites and coding therefore if you have no idea about html id suggest getting some help with this part. SEO companies can help, we like to provide of customers with a detailed report of what we have done. We try to keep the technical jargon to a minimum and if there is anything you don’t understand you can simply give us a bell and we will do our best to explain it.

Before I talk about specific things we do to optimise sites there is an important task which must be performed before you can start. This is to work out exactly what page you optimise what word. If you’ve followed by previous blog posts this shouldn’t be too difficult. Look at your list of keywords and find the corresponding page, a good tip is to not optimise more than 2 keywords on any one page.

Now you know which page to optimise we can begin. There are many areas to the optimisation process, I will explain each one so that it is easy to understand why it is important and the work that should go into getting it right.

Keyword Frequency 

The use of the keywords in the text on the page is possibly the most important of all. If you have written your content with your keywords in mind then this shouldn’t be too hard a task. There are some tips to making sure your content works well:

– Ensure the keyword is mentioned at least 3 times in the content.

– The keyword also needs to be in the headers of the page if there is more than one try to include the term in as many as possible. For instance..

SEO Packages – main header

What our seo packages include – sub header

The price of our seo packages – sub header.

– Last but not least it is helpful if you can make at least one of the occurrences of the term in the text bold.

Meta Title

The term meta refers to text that we insert into the code that only search engines can read. Different parts of the meta data can be seen by users however it is not on the webpage itself. Meta Title’s are those, which appear at the top of your browser window (Highlighted in image 1).

Image 1

These are very important for SEO, your keyword needs to be at the beginning of this text. So if you want to target the keyword seo packages then a good meta title may be…

SEO Packages Telford, Shropshire

The meta title for your different pages of your website should all be different dependant on the keyword your optimising on that page.

Meta Description

Meta description is the text that appears under the results in Google ( Highlighted in image 2). These should include your keywords but be written in proper sentences so that it makes sense to users of search engnies.


Image 2

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are not seen by users however than can help with SEO. There’s no point listing 100 keywords here. It is important to be selective and to put the keywords in a relevant order dependant on the page your optimizing.

Image Names

This can come in uselful if you sell products and have many images of them. By naming them well instead of image001.jpg then you can get them to appear in Google images searches.

Image alt tags

Img alt tags are like meta data in the fact that they are on the back end of the website and they will not be seen by users. They do really help with SEO however so we ensure to use them to there full extent.

Next weeks blog is all about lovley links… Informing you about how we build the reputation of your site through link building.. Dont miss it




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