What should I expect from SEO Packages?

Well the first question is really what your hoping to achieve from your investment in SEO. Obviously you want more traffic to your site, that’s just a given, but what type of traffic do you want. It is the time old question of quality verses quantity. Would you be happy just knowing that 1000 people visited your site, or would you prefer to know that they came there because they are genuinely interested in what your offering. After all 999 of those 1000 people could be stumbling across your site not really ever having an intention of becoming a customer.

Taking this into account there are a few elements that I believe make good SEO Packages I’ll talk about each and why I believe they are vital to being happy with your SEO progress.

Who is supplying the SEO Package?

In my eyes the best SEO Packages are provided by companies who you can speak to in person. There are a vast amount of SEO companies that will operate from abroad that you may only ever get to communicate with via email. Our ethos is that good relationships are the foundation to success and we believe this is key with SEO Packages. To get the most out of your SEO campaign communication is Key, no one knows your company better than you therefore you will hold the knowledge that makes a great SEO campaign. The SEO Companies job will be to communicate with you to utilise this information in the optimisation process

Is the SEO Package a one off?

SEO is never a quick fix. Avoid SEO Packages that are not on going and offer instant results, as these are simply impossible to retain. SEO packages should run month by month or quarterly based on your requirements this way the company can make changes as search engines evolve and new companies emerge. Keyword selection is also an ongoing process as search volumes for terms can change as time goes on.

What does the SEO Package include?

SEO Packages should not just be a list of tasks performed, it is really important that you obtain the statistics from your site. You should look for a company that provides you with a report of some kind detailing your visitor numbers, where those visitors came from, what pages they viewed and what terms they typed in to get to your site. These are possibly the most important information you will need but a good SEO company should be able to provide you with pretty much all the information you would want to know. This is where having an SEO company that you can speak to direct will help and you can ask them questions and get the answers YOU want.

This is my opinion of what makes good SEO Packages if you would like any more information please contact gemma@thestudio4.co.uk.

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