Are students being misled in the computer science curriculum?

Since the launch of the internet in the early mid-1980s, web development and design have become a fundamental aspect of many company websites which have increased in popularity with a general trend in the advancement of computer science and technology. We should also take into consideration that more than 2 billion people use the internet, with 70% of users using it every day. However, schools and the government are unsupportive of the development in technology leaving children unaware of the impact that it has on society.

This includes the government miss-selling the computing curriculum which emphasises programming rather than computer science in general; which leaves web development and design unimplemented in children’s education. This is part of the government’s plan to produce the next generation of computer programmers although teachers alone do not fully understand what the curriculum entails.

In a world that revolutionised the idea of computer science and the internet long ago, we should be giving students a computer science curriculum that isn’t surrounded by the stereotypical idea of ‘coding’, as this isn’t just the case. There are also many schools that do not offer this curriculum to students, leaving the majority of the next generation unaware of the impact that computer science has on society.

Computer Science plays an important role in almost everyone’s daily life, most notably the internet, and this has become a forefront for businesses to advertise and sell themselves through the use of web development and web design.

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