Responsive design – a necessity for moving with the times

mobile device usage
Infographic from StatCounter showing mobile web usage worldwide

According to online sources mobile phones account for 17% of global web usage and this doesn’t even include tablets. This shows the growing need for websites to adapt to the different platforms in which users are viewing their content.

Responsive design is an approach aimed at crafting sites at development stage to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. It in essence re-structures/re-sizes the information on a website dependant on the size of device. If done correctly this can produce an extremely versatile website which will be a pleasure for users no matter what device they may use.

We have now provided this service for many of our clients, one company that we have recently completed this for is the CPSA. The Concrete Pipeline Systems Association provides information to its market place through marketing materials including its website.

The CPSA were looking for a revamp of their old site, which had become outdated and they wanted the new site to be as user friendly as possible. They elected to incorporate responsive design not only to provide immediate user benefits but also to “future proof” their web site on the understanding that forecasts indicate that soon more people will be using portable devices to connect to the internet than PCs.

The result is a website which is clean and simple to use and responds to the size of device which it is being viewed upon. All elements including the navigation adapt when reducing in size meaning that the ease of use is maintained.

Stuart Crisp, Business Development Director at the CPSA says “It is early days for our new website, however in the first month alone we have seen a 10% increase in mobile visits to the website compared to last year. We are pleased that we are now prepared for the surge in portable device usage in the future and our visitors will have an overall improved experience”

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CPSA Responsive Design
The CPSA website looks great across all platforms

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