Google’s Mobile-friendly ranking algorithm

Google regularly updates its algorithm in order to improve their user experience, this year they are focusing on mobile friendly websites. On the 21st April, Google made a change which could lower the rankings of many websites by a substantial amount if they are not considered appropriate for mobile devices.

Users will now be able to find high quality and relevant results where content is legible, without having to zoom in or struggle to click links. This is great for users, however what does this mean for the websites which have been ongoing for a number of years, yet do not have a mobile friendly website?

It means their ranking could drop significantly, when they are searched for on a mobile device. The importance of this depends entirely on the amount of your visitors that view your site on a mobile device. For some B2B companies the percentage of visitors who will be utilising mobile devices will be low therefore this algorithm will probably only have a small impact on traffic.

For larger companies however, especially ecommerce sites, considering a mobile friendly website would be advisable. One of the best ways of adhering to the new requirements is to have a responsive website built. This means that the content on your website resizes/repositions based on the size of the screen being used. These websites work brilliantly for the users but also mean that your desktop version can remain the same.

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