Thinking about a WordPress site? Consider these first.

WordPress is fast becoming one of the biggest platforms that individuals and companies are using to create their websites. Unfortunately there are some downsides to this versatile platform, which may cause you problems later on down the line.

Primarily it is a blog platform, and when used for that it can be great. Our own blog uses WordPress, however it is not a CMS (Content Management System), therefore there are restrictions on what can be modified. Many fail to get the hosting and security done properly, which can hinder the sites performance and how well it can be found.

There are functionality limits. WordPress is not scalable. Given that it is a blog at its core, it is not meant to be your ultimate company website that helps you streamline your day to day operations. The plugins that are available to you will limit what you can do to your site.

Plugins are a great way to make changes to your WordPress site, they save a lot of money on development, however they come with a problem. The developer behind the plugin, are they credible? Are they a hacker? You have no way of knowing this until its too late. Most plugins are free, which begs the question to why someone would spend hours developing one that is designed to make you money to then not gain anything from it.

Wordpress_Blue_logoWordPress is very maintenance heavy, meaning it will need to be constantly updated. If it is not well maintained and updated regularly it can become vulnerable to hacks, putting your site at risk.

Developer’s knowledge can come in very handy, but if a developer or company is recommending a WordPress site, you should instantly question their industry knowledge. They are most likely only recommending it because it is the cheapest and easiest option out there, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best.

If you want a site that you can make changes to yourself, has a secure server and a team you can get in contact with when you need to, The Studio 4 can offer all these things. We build bespoke websites so they are completely unique to you and what you need, ensuring that you get the best website for you and your busness. Give us a call before you jump on the WordPress bandwagon, as we may be able to help you.

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