Plan & Prioritise

How you can plan and prioritise so that your website performs on Google

When coming into a new project you will see an endless amount of things to improve. In this blog we will be sharing our tips on how you can plan and prioritise so that your website performs well on Google.

Whilst being a cliché it is essential you don’t try and run before you can walk. Trying to throw a blanket of changes over everything early can lead to results becoming diluted. Some elements of marketing are best done in a systematic process. Whilst it may seem obvious, you simply cannot underestimate the importance of creating a marketing plan and workflow. Doing so will enable you to also pick out priorities, where your time will be used the most and where it is also best spent.

For example, before you try and make your website as search engine friendly as possible you need to make sure that there are no technical errors which may harm Google’s perception of it. You would not build your house on sand so why would you build your content on a website with poor technical foundations?

Firstly you need to ensure that web crawlers and users enjoy the experience of exploring your website. All your time spent editing content and optimizing keywords is practically wasted if your page isn’t navigable or isn’t structured correctly.

Secondly you wouldn’t start your outreach on content which isn’t ready yet. Why would you send social posts, emails and create backlinks to something which isn’t ready to be seen by your audience?

You need to plan your content distribution to first make sure it says what you need it to and then you can look at making sure this is distributed effectively to you audience.

If you need a helping hand with planning and prioritising, whether that’s in social media, content writing or back linking strategy, we can help!

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