HTML5 Logo
HTML5 Logo

HTML5 gives users a better web browsing experience than its predecessor across all devices ranging from Smartphones like the iPhone or Android, Netbooks, Ipad’s & other Tablets and of course Computers.

Growing smartphone use for accessing the internet
A large number of users use smart phones to access the Web these days. This trend is only expected to increase in the future. Devices like iPhones, Androids, Windows mobile are being used to check mails, post updates on Facebook and Twitter, post on blogs or to catch up on the latest news. Smart phones are literally connected to the Web 24/7 any emails, replies to your status update or picture uploads can be viewed back almost instantly.

Strong commitment and support from leading web companies
Several leading companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have committed their support to the development of HTML5. This has made it possible to bring about positive changes in the web design field. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has declared support for HTML5 across all devices developed by the company. Google too is promoting HTML5 as the designing technology it prefers for all future websites designed.

A richer feature set than earlier HTML versions
Earlier versions of HTML had limitations when it came to graphics, video and multimedia content. This shortcoming has been effectively addressed in the latest version. The HTML5 features for adding rich web content like the canvas, video, forms, audio & even 3D elements provide much needed tools for designing websites. This drastically reduces the limitations on designers when creating websites giving practically ‘anything is possible’.

Simplicity, Flexibility and Standardization
A simple and clean interface is a noteworthy feature of websites designed using HTML5. This makes it possible for the Web to expand and be accessible from various devices like hand held mobile phones and tablet PCs. The best part is that HTML5 seeks to standardize a fast evolving field to a platform where new developments can be better assimilated rather than causing large scale changes in design.

Browser Logos
Browser Logos

Growing support in the leading web browsers
Top web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera support most of the features offered through HTML5. Even Internet Explorer’s latest version IE9 has also included some HTML5 features. This means that websites which were designed with HTML5 will offer a much better user web experience something which was lacking earlier due to different browsers standards. – Internet Explorer 8 and below has huge restrictions on many HTML5 elements and support is highly doubtful to improve at all.

Impact on Search Engine Optimisation
All Web Pages need to be crawled by Search Engines in able to read & understand your content, and many back end features are now available to help identify areas more effectively. In the past it would be <div id=”header”> and <div id=”article”> but we’re now able to use <header> and <article> instead.

It may not be the industry standard today but it’s heading that was fast, so don’t miss out!

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