SEO: Creating Compelling Content

Right so where do we start with SEO? Well one of the most important things of course is the content on your site. What people read when they come to your site shows what your all about. Search engines have come a long way since the early days of the web, but they’re not as sophisticated as you might think. There are now two sides to copywriting for the web, on one hand you need to ensure you use the keywords that you wish to rank for. On the other hand you need to write quality content and avoid keyword stuffing so that you do not alienate your reader’s.

Ensuring Keyword inclusion

Search engine’s can still only understand what you are talking about if you make it digestible for them. This often means being clear and concise about what it is you are hoping to achieve. Term’s that are used around the office are often not used by the general public. With this in mind make a List of keywords that you think people would type in to find your product or service. ( we will discuss perfecting this later but for now this is a rough draft)

Imagine you were on Google what you would you type in the find your product or service?

Keep them short and sweet three word max for terms to optimize is a general rule. Once you have these keywords then write your content based on these. These keywords can be tweaked further down the line to ensure the best term is used but if it is written in this way it is often much easier to optimize than trying to insert keywords where they have no place.

Quality Content

Quality content is key. The more interesting your content the more likely it is to be read by users it is really as simple as that. With the keywords you have chosen in mind write content that describes your products and services. For example Instead of saying ‘we supply desk chairs’ think of a more interesting way of talking about your product that both intrigues the reader and shows Google that you’re a key figure for this product. Also using derivatives of the main keyword can help immensely. Something more like

‘Desk chair specialists

Deskchairs UK is the biggest supplier of desk chairs in the west midlands, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products. Whether your looking for leather chairs, fabric chairs or the most comfortable desk chair you have ever had the joy of sitting on we are here to help. Take a look around our website to see our wide range of desk chairs made just for you’

This will help both the reader and search engines understand exactly what you are about. Also remember that titles should be descriptive and include main keywords.

Keeping people coming back

Once you have written great content that means people are finding you and are interested in your website then the next step is making sure they come back again and again. This means updating your website regularly, this can often be easiest in the form of news or a blog. This allows you to communicate to people what is happening now, not just 12 months ago when you created your website. This in turn will increase the possibility of users coming back to find out what your up to at the present time. I will discuss blogs and social media in more details later.

So in summary if write quality content that describes your product or services not just lists or bullet points.

Next weeks blog will discuss clever keyword selection… This will delve further into how to pick the best keywords to optimise.


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