Content is king, are you falling short?

SEO-copywritingMany people say that content is now king in the SEO world. Surely though content has always been the most important thing if we think about the user.

Now that search engines have advanced far past the days when all that mattered was meta data, looking at your website from the users point of view could pay dividends.

Lets look at the main points as to why content is so important:

1. People will understand your message

Quality content, which explains well what you do will help people understand your products or services. Yes it is true that search engines too will need you to spoon-feed them what it is you do but if you were previously falling short you were failing your customers. Writing quality content which engages users is much more likely to convert visitors into customers. After all, could you really sell that product in 20 words if it were face to face? No. So make sure your sales pitch online reflects what you would say to someone if you were having a coffee.

2. Reduce bounce rates

One of the biggest factors is now the length of a page and the amount of content within it. If your content is well-written and well-structured then users are more likely to stay on your site. That will in turn result in lower bounce rates and will eventually improve your ranking in the search engines. The more important part is that users are engaged and are more likely to convert into customers.

3. People will trust you

When you come to a site with 2 lines of text and no images showcasing a product are you really going to buy it? Creating content, which shows people that you are an actively engaged business, gives them faith in your brand.

If your shop window was empty and your frontage was neglected would anyone walk through the door?

Structure your site so both users and search engines stop and take note and don’t breeze past the 20 word description writing you off as a small player.

4. People will share your content

One of the biggest and most difficult parts of SEO is link building. Any way that you can encourage natural linking is going to help. As well as your key website pages, try to find ways of creating content which others will want. Resources, downloads, info graphics all of these elements will encourage sharing.

Having a company blog is one of the best ways to be able to have relevant, topical and interesting information which people in your industry not only want to read, but want to share with others. This will hopefully create referrals and in turn will improve your link structure, which Google will recognize and improve your rankings.

In summary SEO copywriting is essential for good rankings, but this copywriting is also essential for good customer relations. It doesn’t really matter which is more important to you, what is important is that you address the content on your site. We have helped many of our clients learn how to go about writing content for their sites. Blog management is also a key area we participate in and we can help create content on your behalf. Want to find out more, contact the studio 4

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