Why is email marketing important for your business?

People may say that the email marketing days are long gone and that all emails are just spam; however, many other marketing channels have failed to produce the results that email marketing has. Even though many marketers are getting excited about new trends such as blogging, vlogging, SEO and social media, email marketing still works and is an essential part of any marketing strategy…But why is this?

Generates revenue

It is easier to reach a higher audience with one single email and generate a continuous revenue stream, for approximately every 70p you spend on email marketing, around £25 is made in sales which makes it highly profitable than any other marketing investment you will make. Now that is a return which is highly attractive to any business!

Email Marketing

Email is a channel you own

Using other marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google means you are abiding by their rules and you are constantly having to change the way you market because of the way they display content. For example, Twitter allows 140 characters per tweet, which only allows you to add a highly condensed version of your campaign, meaning you could not get the full message across. Whereas email marketing allows you to have the creativity to produce a campaign with no limits to content and to have that 1:1 relationship with your audience.

Consumers prefer email communications

Many consumers lead busy lifestyles and don’t want to be bombarded with sales calls time after time as it can be seen as intrusive. Many prefer to have emails so that they can have all of the information available to them and to refer back to for future reference. Many opt for email communication when given the choice, so why not give them what they want? After all, it will increase your chances of getting your message across in a less intrusive manner.

Emails allow for personalisation

You can segment your data based on preferences from your audience and only send content which is relevant to them, allowing you to engage and generate leads. By sending out generic content to the masses, it will resonate with some and the rest will ignore it as it is not relevant to them. Being personal is definitely more effective and unique to the audience as it makes them feel more valued rather than just sending them generic content.

Constant communication

Email provides you with the ability to contact a group of people on a regular basis, which helps you to build a strong relationship and keep your business fresh in the minds of your audience. It allows for a two-way conversation between the business and the email recipient which aids in closing sales.

Provides measurable results

Email marketing programs provide you with easy to access reporting tools where you can easily see opens, clicks, deliverability and engagement. These results can show you how an email has impacted on the results of website performance or leads generated. It will help you to better understand what a consumers behaviour and interests are so that you can ensure this is incorporated for future marketing communications.

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