Creating consistency across all of your social media channels

Social media is so hot right now and rightly so. For businesses, it offers an enormous potential for social selling, content marketing and customer support providing the perfect opportunity to maximise the reach of your target audience and build your brand.

We’ve put together a guide on how to set up and brand your social media profiles consistently.

  1. Choosing the right platforms

With so many different platforms available and the heavy competition between them it can be difficult to decide which are relevant for your business. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn require text, images and links whereas Instagram and Pinterest are picture based. If your business struggles to produce new imagery often then you do not want to be signing up for Instagram. The same goes for Youtube if you don’t have any relevant videos.

  1. Visual branding

Visuals play an important part in social media branding. If each of your profiles look like they’re owned by a different company, it creates confusion for your users.

You want your social media profiles to be consistently branded to help users recognise your company no matter which channel they are using.

Use the same logo: You should be using the same profile picture for every social network. The easiest option is to use your logo or a symbol that represents your company. People should see your profile picture and immediately associate it with your brand.

Twitter profile

Facebook profile

Post content across all channels: If you have a video to post on Youtube it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t go on Twitter and Facebook too. It’s important to post out on all channels to ensure you are maximising the reach of your audience.

One handy tool you can use to manage the scheduling of posts across all of your social media channels is a platform called Hootsuite. It helps you to keep track and manage your many social network channels so you can schedule the same post across each platform as well as monitoring your feeds to help you to respond to anything instantly.

Develop your voice: Your brand’s personality should be reflected in your social media posts; therefore, it is a good to develop a voice. This is the way your brand communicates in Tweets and Facebook posts.

Don’t waste your bio: Don’t fill your profile bio up with random hashtags or motivational quotes. If you had to describe what your business does in one or two sentences at the most, what would it be?

Develop your slogan into a hashtag: It’s good to come up with a unique hashtag and this will most likely form from your company slogan. If you are launching a new campaign or product we advise that you think of an innovative hashtag that users can interact with. For example Coca Cola used #ShareaCoke for their consumers to share their stories.

Coca Cola Hashtag

Here at The Studio 4 we have a wide range of social media services that we can tailor to your exact specification. Whatever your goal is through social media, let us help you reach and engage with your audience effectively.

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