Don’t stress the ups and downs of SEO

Have you noticed your keyword rankings yo-yoing recently? One week you can be on the first page of Google and the next week your nowhere to be seen. These days this can happen even without even making changes to your website. Somewhat unfortunately, Google is constantly updating, unless you move with it you’re very much against it.

Google never stays the same. It is constantly making changes to its algorithms, looking for new and innovative ways to make searches more practical for the user. Recent developments in smart searching through mobile devices and voice operated systems have brought the latest waves of changes through.

Sometimes these updates will make no difference to where one of your keywords rank. However there are occasions when Google decides it is going to focus on an element that is seemingly lacking on one of your ranking pages and so consequently your position plummets. You’ll never truly be able to preempt or stop this happening. The best thing to do is stay calm and simply go with the flow. If Google decides you need to be mobile and voice optimised you don’t want to ignore it. Especially considering the percentage share they preside over the search market.

Mobile SEO

This is why it is important to have trusted and proven SEO programme in place to stay on track. At The Studio 4 we use complete search marketing software SEMRush that has a number of features to ensure you site is completely SEO is up to date with Google’s latest changes.

Firstly, it looks at all the technical aspects of your website by scanning it exactly like the Google spider does. This means that any potentially dangerous discrepancies such as broken links or content duplication are instantly flagged up. Once you have decided your targeted keywords it analyses all those who already rank in the top 10 positions for it. It looks at their meta, content, site structure and backlinks and recommends how you can replicate their success with step by step instructions. It then keeps track of how you rank for these keywords and shows the progress they make on a day-to-day basis. Finally it looks at your own backlink profile and shows any potentially harmful links from your website.

It is important to react once changes to Google’s search algorithm is made. That is why we use the SEMRush sensor which details the search volatility every day and tells us what updates have been made recently. You can see this for yourself below or follow the link at the end of the article. If your struggling to stay on top of your website and make it discoverable online why not give us a call and we can recommend the best SEO package to suit you or your business.

SEMRush sensor

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